Monday, 10 November 2014

Quality Souvenirs and Corporate Gifts for Less

Yuletide is almost here. It is a season that leaves us with great feelings of gratitude,cheer and a large appetite for merriment. We are happy and grateful for the opportunity to see the last chapter of the year and we are excited about the clean slate, a fresh start that is about to be handed to us in the form of a new year.

There are so many people,both individuals and groups we would love to appreciate for making the year worthwhile and we want to make our gratitude tangible and memorable. This is an opportunity to say thank you to our family members, church members, colleagues,school mates, clients and customers, friends,neighbours, our children's care givers and teachers etc.

Out of the very many beautiful products available, these ones have been selected for those of us who would like to say a quality thank you without burning holes in our pockets.
Let's give thanks!

N699 two deep frying skimmer

N300 lime dish liquid

N395  fish scaler

N465  card holder

N658  whistle key finder

N500  laundry bag

N645  glass jug

N295  lighter

N300  thermosafe lighter with refill
N480  manual juice extractor

N570  eggbeater
N495 knife sharpner
N495  sewing kit
N360  tianshi ewedu broom

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