Monday, 23 February 2015

16" Rechargeable Fan + Free Multiple USB Charging Cord

No more sleeping in your own sweat due to power failure plus you get to charge your devices at the same time with a free charging cord.

You can also use the fan with electricity and the battery charges while it works as an electric fan.


Friday, 6 February 2015

Buy Groceries/Provisions @ Wholesale Prices & Delivered to Your Door


500 ml pack of 6 N6640

2 litres N3750

1litre N1990

250ml pack of 6 N3700

4.73 litres N2600

Canola oil 4.73litres N2550



Soya oil N1599


Odourless power guard 300ml pack of 3 - N1300



Pack of 2 - N1950

Pack of 2 - N1950

Pack of 2 - N1950

12 packs N1899

1.13kg N1840

125ml pack of 6 - N1850

450g ×10(1 carton) - N1699

38 bags pack of 2 - N1650

Wheat,pack of 3 - N1600

Honey,pack of 3 N1600

5 litres N1480

3.8 litres+ free palm oil 480ml Doy pack N1450

75cl pack of 4 N1450

1.8kg N1400

Pack of 3 N1350

600ml pack of 3 N2250


300 ml pack of 3 N1400

1kg N1250

Pack of 3 ×200 N1300

Pack of 3×100 N1150


0.9kg N700

Pack of 3 N1190

12 plastic bottles 50cl sugar free N1045

Mirinda pineapple N1045

H2o N1045

Mountain dew N1045

Teem tonic + 6 cans of 7up N1045

Pack of 3 N999

300g Pack of 2 N899

400g 4tins N850

Pack of 6 N899

Pack of 3 N799


473ml N845

Palmi pack of 6 - N799




500g pack of 4 N299

1kg N400

2Kg N700

450 g N699

Dettol herbal 120g pack of 6 N900

175g pack of 6 N900

175g pack of 6 N900

Dettol cool pack of 6, 120g N900

300ml Rose Pack of 3 N900

Peach & jasmine 300ml N900

Lavender 300ml pack of 3 N900

Green apple, 300ml pack of 3 N900 

Freshwaters 300ml pack of 3 N300

Citrus 300 ml pack of 3 N900

Anti tobacco 300ml pack of 3 N900

Dettol skincare 70g pack of 6 N500

Active deodorant 120g pack of 6 N900

50ml pack of 6 N800


pack of 6 N520

70g pack of 6 N500

70g Pack of 6 N500

Pack of 6 N500

567g pack of 2 N650

567g pack of 2 N650

Pack of 2 N620




Dettol herbal 70g pack of 6 N
210g 48pcs N5880
Peak holland evaporated milk N130

Maggi 100 Cubes N250