Monday, 1 December 2014

Fresh Food Basket

Most people are more health conscious these days. You may realise that more people will prefer and better appreciate a fresh food gift basket to one with canned and processed food, for health reasons.

Moreover the fantastic price that this basket goes for, gives you no reason to let a deal like this pass you buy. You can get it for your own use.

See the contents for yourself :

Price - N9900 (N14000 original value)
Fruits: Watermelon(1), Pawpaw/Pineapple(1), 6 Oranges 
Vegetables: Carrots, Cabbage(medium), Cucumber(2), Spring Onions, Green Pepper(150g), Green Peas, Onions(1kg), Pepper(250g), Tomatoes(1.5kg), Tatashe(250g), Dried Grounded Pepper(150g)
Leafy Vegetables: Okro Or Ewedu, Bunch Of Shoko(Agric Or Farm Variant), Waterleaf
Swallow: Yam Flour (1kg), Garri (2kg), Wheat Flour(1kg)
Rice, Beans And Pasta: Rice (Caprice 2kg/Ofada 2kg/Basmati1kg) , Spaghetti(1), Beans(2kg) 
Tubers And Plantain: Plantain bunch(Ripe Or Unripe), Yam(1)
Spices And Soup Ingredients: Curry, Thyme, Locust Beans(Iru), Crayfish (70g), Salt (500g), seasoning cubes, Ginger Garlic Paste(6)
Oil: Vegetable Oil(1ltr), Palm Oil(1.5ltr)
Meat, Fish And Poultry: Meat/croacker fish/ Frozen Whole Chicken/ Fresh Catfish, Eggs(12) 

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